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WARNING: Teen Plus

Blood...Warm, fresh. Adrenaline, pumping in my veins, giving me a boost for my reactions. I kill the next two men near me, catching them both by surprise. The bodies fall lifeless on the ground, stained with blood that I have spilt today. I look at all the bodies on the ground and smirk at today's job. It starts to rain heavily, as if the skies are weeping for the lost souls. I pull my hood over my face once again, and let the rain wash away the blood on my daggers. I marvel at the moonlight shimmering from my blades…Such beautiful craftsmanship. I sat down at their camp, enjoying the rain in the night. I curse under my breath. Shit! I could I be so foolish as to forget, it's night? It is a full-moon tonight; Luxien's mutts will be roaming in the darkness.

I curse at my stupidity. I sheath my two daggers, and brush back my blood red hair. Long hair can be annoying sometimes in this line of business. I brandish two more daggers, my set of enchanted kukri, blessed in the town of Ujeria. Their sharpness cannot be outmatched; one good blow from these and they will rip off a head in one clean blow. Just what I need for those…beasts. I quickly run around camp, and gather any useful materials. I come up with some gold, some water, and an exquisite bow. No arrows though…peculiar. I put the gold in my pouch to the right of my hip, and attach the water to my left. I sling the bow on my back; it could prove useful after being restrung and getting arrows for it.

I hear a howl in the distance. Fuck, they are moving fast tonight. The earth trembles under their massive weight and speed. They are getting closer. Shit, already on my trail. Water usually helps mask your scent, but not with these bastards. Inhuman werewolves…and just pups! Fucking Luxien…sends them out every full moon, new-born wolves, to train them…just to test their endurance and loyalty. He's one sick bastard, if you ask me. I see a blur in the distance, and the glow of bloodshot eyes. White fur? What the hell…that's new. Wonder what Luxien is up to now…

I start to run through the woods, to make it think I'm trying to run. Fighting is as much physical as mental, if it thinks you are helpless, it will let its guard down. Simple enough, right? This breed is different though…So fast, following my every move. Time to end this chase. I leap high into the air, and the wolf jumps after me. Shit, most aren't this agile. It lashes out at me with its claws, and I deflect them with my kukri. I kick hard with my right leg aiming for its face, and hit it in the jaw. I do a back-flip in midair to regain my balance, and land softly on the grass. It roars out, and now I hear multiple footsteps from the darkness start to surround me. Well then…This will be fun.

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