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By: Dani Cojo

She sits.
She waits.
She counts each penny she has scrounged up over the years.
But it just isn't enough.
She cries.
She begs.
She needs to see him.
Her one true love.
As she sits on the corner of the terrace, watching as the people walk by,
She thinks.
She remembers his delicate pale skin.
She remembers his dark brown hair.
She remembers his deep brown eyes.
She remembers everything.
His laugh.
His smile.
His love.
A man walks by and sees the young woman crying, clutching a small tin can to her chest.
He throws a silver dollar in.
And many watch.,
Many see.
Many copy.
The woman is overjoyed at how people are now tossing their unwanted change into her small tin can.
Her small tin can rusted by her tears.
Tears of joy.
Soon, she has enough.
Enough to fly back home.
Enough to see her beloved.
She quickly runs back into her small home.
Placing the coins on her nightstand, she put on her favorite dress.
He gave it to her for her birthday.
Although yellow was never her favorite color.
He made it her favorite color.
Grabbing her jar, she runs to the airport.
She hands the man her money.
In return a ticket is given.
So long she has waited.
She will finally be able to see him.
She sits in her seat.
She stares out the window.
She is coming home.
She feels the plane land, and she's too excited to wait.
As soon as she can, she leaves the plane and rushes to find a cab.
She has five dollars left, and she pays to go home.
She is a block short.
But she doesn't mind.
It's close enough.
She rushes through the street.
No clothes, except the dress on her.
No money, except the penny clutched in her hand.
She turns the corner and cries out.
Her home is before her.
A burnt husk is before her.
The house is crumbling, swallowed by the flames.
Rain is pouring onto the hellish sight.
She drops her penny.
And she rushed to the house.
Ignoring the calls of bystanders, she hurries to the house.
She stops as a fireman holds her back.
She cries out to the heavens,
"Where is my love!?"
A team of firefighters rush out,
A burnt corpse in their arms.
She sees the burnt delicate pale skin.
She sees the charred brown hair.
She doesn't see the dark brown eyes, for they are closed shut.
She cries out, falling to the ground.
Her love.
Her life.
Was no more.
Her clothes, drenched in rain and ashes.
Her tears.
Tears of sorrow.
Everything was gone.
Along with the pennies.

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