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Unrequited Love...If Only
By: Dani Cojo

Love; such a petty thing, isn't it? It has so much power, yet it's such a…small and fragile thing. Am I confusing you? I hope not, it's not hard to understand really. Love has the power to bend people to it's will. It can cause great leaders to crumble to a pulp, yet it can also give people the strength to fight. However, it's destructive and can cause so much pain. At least, that's all it has ever done to me.

Oh, don't get me wrong! I have felt love so powerful I would have done anything for that special girl I had fallen head over heels for. The thing is, I was young and thought that we had a chance…that I had a chance. Now that I think back, I realize that I had been smitten from the start. But how could I have not? She was gorgeous, everything I would have wanted in a girl. She wasn't the girly, defenseless type. Hell, she could have beaten me to a pulp if she wanted to. Sometimes, I'm surprised that she never did.

However, I still can't help but think about all the great times we had shared. All the struggles we encountered together. It would have been a great thing if we didn't screw up and throw another challenge in our path. It's the reason why she left me in the end, the reason why I haven't seen her in so long. At least her legacy is still here, prancing around and having a fun time. I just hope I can be a good father.

I remember the day clearly, when I had truly realized I was in love. It was a normal Saturday night. I had just dug into my Chinese take out and was watching a cheap sci-fi thriller. I wasn't expecting her to come over so late at night, but she always seems to show up when I'm least expecting it.

So, like usual, she bangs on my door and I let her in, allowing her to raid my kitchen and find my stash of alcohol. I remember I was surprised she found it so easily. I had locked it away from myself, so I would stop hiding from my fears by getting drunk, and actually face my obstacles head on and completely sober.

"Think you could hide this from me?" She had said coyly, popping off the cork from the bottle, taking a long swig of the tart liquor.

"No, I was hiding it from myself…" I replied , groaning a bit.

"That's useless," She scoffed, "Cause you know where it is!" She quickly took a seat on the sofa and leaned against me, taking another swig. "Wanna sip?"

I swallowed. I had been on a clean streak for about…four days. Being an alcoholic is hard, and quitting is even harder. But with her soft features and that…almost loving look in her eyes, I couldn't resist her invitation. I put on that cocky smirk I had mastered over the years, and took the bottle from her hand and put the lip to my mouth; allowing the bitter fluid to slide down my throat. I couldn't help but shudder at the buzz that flowed through my veins. I sighed and let my head fall back a bit, resting on the back of the sofa. I heard her chuckle beside me; her voice ringing in my ears like a beautiful melody.

My head lolled to the side as I gazed at her, my eyes half lidded and glazed over. I felt myself get flushed at the radiating beauty she possessed. It was almost unfair, in its own twisted way. How could anyone so naturally gorgeous even grant me, a worthless fool, their presence. I think she could tell what I was thinking, because her brow furrowed a bit.

"Hey, what's the madder?"

I blinked out of my haze and looked at the ceiling, "Oh nothing."

She huffed and crawled onto my lap, resting her hands on my shoulder, hovering over me as she looked down on me. Her dark, rust colored hair hung in her face, framing her features perfectly. Her eyes pierced through me, causing me to bite the inside of my lip a bit, and hiss in anguish. My heart seemed to beat so fast, it was almost painful. I looked away quickly, and hid my flushed face under my golden locks.

"You're lying." she said simply, making me feel like a kid who got caught stealing cookies from the jar before dinner.

"Um…well…I just think…" I stammered, unable to describe my feelings to her. I knew if I let it slip that I liked her a little, our friendship could be ruined. That was the last thing I wanted.

"Think what?" she persisted.

I sighed, knowing I wouldn't be able to weasel my way out of her grasp. "I...just think…you look really nice today." I winced a bit, almost waiting for her to whack me in the head for my comment. Whenever I said stuff like that, I almost always got hit. But, when I didn't feel the throbbing pain on the side of my cheek, I looked up and saw her face unchanged, but her eyes seemed to…sparkle in their own way. I was almost worried about it.

"Y…you ok?" I asked, a little nervous at her condition. She just smiled and grabbed the whiskey bottle and took a swig of it in her mouth, before kissing me fully on the lips, letting the tangy liquor pass between us. I was surprised for merely a second, before I was lost in the fantasies of my mind.

My body reacted on its own; my hands traveled up her hips to rest on the small of her back, pulling her close to me. My other hand continued up to her neck, holding her fast. She didn't seem to mind, for her hands gripped the fabric of my baggy sweater, tugging me closer to her.

Our lips moved in unison, molding together; creating a fiery tension to build up inside of me. I pulled away, gasping for air as I rested my forehead against hers. We panted lightly and stared into each others glazed over eyes. We looked similar; hazy eyes that were half lidded, pale faces tinged pink with heat, our lips puckered and swollen from the intensity of our kiss. I took in a shallow breath as a wave of heat washed over my body. This feeling was new to me. I mean, I had felt it before when I was younger. For example, when I had that crush on Sandra Bullock. However, this was more intense and real; I never wanted it to end. I nearly cried out in joy as I realized, that I had finally felt true love.

My father never loved me, and treated my like dirt. My brother? Yeah, he cared, but he never seemed to show it when I was most fragile. And I was picked on a lot because of my odd eye color and my scrawny body build. But at that moment, with the girl of my dreams above me, panting in my ear in our drunk haze, I realized that I was in love.

And I was terrified of it.

I gently pushed her off of me and turned away, panting heavily. My eyes were closed tight as I fought back the tears that threatened to spill. I could feel her worry radiating off of her.

"Are you ok?"

I almost didn't comprehend her sweet words. I just nodded and bit my lip. Her hand rested on my back as she leaned forward and looked at my face. I could tell that my eyes were red and puffy and that she would be able to tell I was on the verge of crying. I was waiting for the brutal, but loving, mockery she was going to throw at me, but she stayed silent. She roughly pulled me back, causing me to flail a bit and mewl as I landed on her lap, facing up at her.

She remained silent as she stroked my hair and gently pet behind my ear, causing my little feline appendages to pop out, and allowing a deep rumbling purr to course through my body. I shut my eyes slowly, not wanting the moment to end. I could hear her soft purring under my deep purr. My lithe black tipped tail curled around her much fuzzier red tail. I was happily surprised when her tail curled around mine in a loving embrace. I was the happiest I had ever been in my life; being there with her. Not having sex or getting drunk or partying until dawn. No, none of that. Just…relaxing at my apartment, in each others arms, enjoying each others comfort.

If only it could have lasted my lifetime. If only it didn't end when we had the baby. If only she hadn't left me.

If only…

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