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Post  Cojo on Wed Feb 24, 2010 5:40 pm

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By: Dani Cojo

Oh, hello! Are you new around here? You are? Well, it's good to see a new friendly face around here. Welcome to our small town. What brings you here? Curiosity? I'm not surprised. I'm sure the rumors brought you here.

You don't know? Well that's strange. I'll fill you in though, don't worry. It all started hundreds of years ago. There was a young girl named Lily, who lived with her mother. They lived in this town during the witch trials. Lily and her mother were beautiful young women, with strawberry blonde hair and deep set brown eyes.

Together, the two made lotions and remedies with herbs they grew and gave them to the sick. Most people were happy and liked Lily and her mom. However, others thought differently.

You see, Lily was too young to be tried at the time, but her mother was found guilty of being a witch and Lily watched her mom drown.
They say Lily was depressed after that and tried to recreate the remedies her mother taught her. People who used them said they didn't work properly, and people started to think Lily was cursing them.
Poor Lily. She never wanted any of it to happen. So, she decided to show them what she was capable of doing. She could make lotions and remedies well, but she could also make potions.

On the first day of the annual Daylily festival, and Lily walked around passing out her assortment of lotions like she did every year. She was so polite, always asking the townsfolk is they would like a sample, and if they said no, she would merely smile and walk off. They didn't understand she was looking for prey.

You see, her mother was a witch. A good witch, but a witch. What's that? How do I know. Oh, trust me. Everyone around here knows. We now know that Lily took after her mom and became a witch too. Only, she wasn't all that good.

That night, she asked townspeople to escort her to the dance that's held. When she found the stranger, she walked up to him and asked him if he would like to join her to go to the festival. When he said yes, she knew he was lying. She smiled and took him to the festival. And on the grounds, she drew a knife and killed the poor stranger. Everyone saw and were startled. Guards grabbed her, but she merely laughed.
Some say that she mumbled a chant and placed a curse on the town and on the festival. Others who still disbelieve say that she just went insane from seeing her precious mother's death. But no one really knows. Only some do, because those people truly understand.
I never introduced myself did I? I'm so sorry, I just kept rambling on didn't I? I guess I just got caught up in the moment. Today is the daylily festival after all! I'm Lily, Would you like to join me?

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Post  Journey Lynn on Thu Feb 25, 2010 3:01 am

A very interesting story indeed. I can see a bit of a different voice being used; you can definitely take those differences further though. I wasn't expecting the ending (perhaps that's just me and my gullibility LOL) so nice twist. As always, thanks for sharing! flower
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