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Ignorance is Bliss
By: Dani Cojo

For years now, I have been ignorant to the fact that someone close to me would ever leave. I mean, people move away and stuff, but I never thought that it would matter. I’ve had friends move and we’ve lost touch, but it always seemed like the friends closest to me never left me. I guess I’ve been lucky. I guess ignorance was bliss.

I remember years ago, when my friend Haley told me they were planning on moving. At the time, we were best friends, and that was the worst thing in the world to us. No matter how much we begged and pleaded her parents not to move, they still put their house up for sale. However, they decided to live there until someone bought the house before they moved out. Good thing is, after being on the market for a few months, no one would buy their house, and they stayed there.

For years, they’ve been on and off the market, so I never actually thought they’d move. Actually, I doubted they would ever move away. It seemed so irrational. However, there was a time in my life where it was as if they moved.

Haley’s brother, David, was also my best friend. It was always the three of use, Haley, David and I. The Trio. We’ve always had each others back. During a point in my life, I felt like I wasn’t living up to the reputation.

David was always picked on. He was different from everyone else, which is why I like him so much, and why he’s one of my greatest friends. Kids would always fight him and hurt him, and he never really knew how to fight back. I guess that’s how everything started.

In 5th grade, his dad decided to enroll him in taekwondo lessons. I remember one day when I went and watched him in a competition. He had grown so much stronger in that class, physically and mentally.

Yeah, he could break a block of wood with his fist, and he could fight off the other kids in combat. I never thought it would do much in real life though. It seemed more like a hobby; but he was happy, so I was happy.

In 8th grade, some kid, who’s a real jerk, was picking on him again. I don’t really know why. I haven’t heard the whole conversation. I wouldn’t have been surprised if it was about his awkward, lanky looks. It could have been about the whole me and him “getting together someday”. Apparently, we were so close, everyone expected us to start dating in high school. Either way, both accusations were ridiculous.

Anyways, I had just walked up to my locker, slightly shoving the jerk; let’s call him Dick, out of the way as I fumbled with my lock. Class was starting in five minutes, so I took my time. I watched David out of the corner of my eye, making sure he wasn‘t getting picked on too much. I had always been nervous for him, and I always wanted to try and protect him. But what could I do? I was just a small, wimpy 8th grader, who avoided conflict.

Dick shoved David into his locker, which happened to be right next to mine. I could tell this pissed David off; he always had a certain look when he was angry. I knew that look very well, since I was always with him, but Dick didn’t. He had no clue what was coming. That, I must say, made me a little happy. Of course, I never expected it. David was never extremely violent, and it was the first time he actually defended himself with actions more than words.

SLAM! David swung him arm forcefully, and clobbered his curled fist into Dick’s nose. I’m sure Dick enjoyed the feeling of his face bashed in. David easily broke Dick’s nose. Dick reeled back in pain and tried to grab David, but all those years in taekwondo really helped. David was able to get the kid in a headlock and continue to punch him in the face and knee him in the gut. The vice principal had to break them up in the end.

Later that day, I was called down the office, since I was a witness. I defended David, saying that it was self defense, which was true in a sense. I mean, Dick did come up and shove him around first. But I could tell that the VP didn’t take my word on it, knowing that David go a little too far. He always had self control problems. At least Dick got a black eye and a broken nose from it all. The jerk.

Both got suspended for a while. And eventually, people figured out that if you got David angry enough, he would fight back. So he kept getting in trouble, and it was hard for me to stand back and watch.

Eventually, he transferred out of school, and that’s when we “broke up”. I didn’t really go to his house to hang out with him or Haley. In fact, the three of us didn’t really talk. The trio was broken.

For two years we didn’t say anything to each other. It was last year during Christmas break when he called me up and said we should hang out for old time’s sake.

I learned that he was doing well in private school. He had gotten really religious and went to God for everything. At first it was a little annoying for him to bring up God every second, but I got used to it. We were both Christians after all.

We got really close again and it was like we never stopped talking. We became ignorant again. Life was just like it used to be. I never did get a good relationship with Haley again, because she was convinced I stopped hanging out with her cause I hated her. I feel really bad about that now, but when I do go over, we talk, and it’s as if nothing was wrong between us. I like that feeling.

Now I’m getting off track. So, we finished our sophomore year of high school and David got his license. He drove us around and we stayed up all night, shining laser beams into our bedroom windows, and living life to the fullest.

It was when I saw him on his roof, tearing off window shutters when I was confused. He dropped the bomb on me, and I told him he was lying.

Ignorance was bliss.

At least while it lasted.

His family got foreclosed.

They were actually moving.

For real this time.

I don’t like talking about the next week. It was a rough spot for me. I’ll just say that I didn’t get to see him. My friend hung out with him twenty-four-seven, and he fell head over heels for her. They spent all their time together, and I got a little jealous. I wanted to have some alone time with him, like we used to. I wanted to get the trio back together. I was hoping he would catch my hints when I texted him, but he never seemed to.

Eventually, my friend and I got in a fight in front of him, and she pretty much said how I was jealous and I wanted to hog him all for myself. I just shut up and didn’t talk to her for the rest of the day.

You see, before hand, I tried to have her understand that I wanted just him, me and his sister to hang out. I asked her not to mention it to him.

Can you see why I was angry at her?

Oh, and that wasn’t even the part that hurt.

She said he’d rather hang out with her over me.

THAT is what really got me.

Afterwards, he talked to me, saying how he was really sorry. I told him it was fine, and that I didn’t care if he hung out with her. He had the right to hang out with whoever he wanted. I wasn’t going to try to tie him to my back and rag him around. He was a free person. We eventually did spend some alone time together when she was away. We kinda had to do it in secret.

On the day before the move, we celebrated my friends birthday, so he stayed until really late at night, and we spent the time all together as one big happy family. He gave everyone special notes, and told us not to read it until he was gone. The thought of the note made me want to cry.

The next morning, on the day of the move, I lost my note. I couldn’t find it, and I was so upset, when he came in the morning, and my friend ran off with him to give him goodbye kisses and help him pack like she had been doing all week, I just stayed behind, trying to find that stupid letter. I eventually found it. I was too late to say goodbye officially.

So, on august 22, the impossible had happened. I wrote a journal about it on deviant art, and he read it. I still don’t know hiss reaction to it. This is what I wrote:

Well, as you can tell this journal is about David. He's moving today and it's really upsetting me. I mean, I don't think i should be as upset as i am. He's moving, big deal. People move, visit, and you can still talk to them. It's not like he's dying. Oh god, i hope not. He gave Lurin a note from him to me today, and he told me not read it till he left. I think he's already gone, but he said he may come back later today to pick up a few more things.

I already know that he made it over sappy, and extremely touching, and I’m going to sob over it and wish he never wrote such kind words. But it's David, and he can't NOT write things that touch the heart. He's such a great and wonderful person; kind, modest and so polite it's almost freaky. But i love him to bits, of course in friendly terms, but i think he knows that. I've known David and his sister Haley ever since i moved in.

The first thing i did when i was a little tot at four years old was mosey on over and ask them if they wanted to be my friend. They were my first friends i made in the neighborhood. And i'm so glad that i was more outgoing as a child and actually met them. There are so many times i can remember with the three of us playing in our yards, going up the street in our big wheels, sounding like thunder. Swimming in the pool with their littler brothers Scott and Kyle. Jumping on the trampoline, and causing the dog to jump up on with us. Going on long bike rides to 7-11 and getting slurpees. Making funny home videos in the front yard. Role-playing for the first time pretending we were the teen titans. I was Robin and Haley was Starfire, Scott was Beast boy and Kyle was Cyborg. David took no part in this game. Going throughout the block in the summer going to garage sales and buying everything we could afford. Celebrating each others birthday's, whether they were held at home, and the Great Skate or at the High School Pool.

Coming to and from school everyday, sticking together through thick and thin from preschool to middle school. Dealing with being picked on about us being good friends and how we were dating, when we weren't. Watching the three stooges in Haley’s bedroom. Watching movies in the family room, and roasting marshmallows on an open fire in the back. Swimming at night with the tiki torches and pretending we were out in the ocean with sharks. Going on bike ramps and bragging about how high were able to get, or how far we went. Playing Polar Bowler and Zoo Tycoon on the computer. Walking Lenny and Sandy, the two lovable pet dogs, around the block. Playing with the bunnies in the backyard. Bombarding each other with rubber balls while we pretended they were nuclear bombs and we were at war. Killing mosquitoes with the aerosol nail polish remover. So many memories keep flooding to my mind, i can't possibly write them all.

We were all attached to the hip; a great big family. And then, they went to private school. It was awkward, having to deal with the rest of 8th grade and my first two years of High School alone without support. We grew distant; we hadn't spoken to each other in 2 years. It was a hard time for me. The one day, near the middle of sophomore year, Dylan called during Christmas break, and asked to hang out and get in touch again. I'm so glad that he called. He came over and hung out, we started to get close again. However, i didn't have the same blessing with Haley, Scott and Kyle. But having David again made me feel... a lot more whole. I had a part of my life back, and part of my childhood.

Then next thing i knew, it was summer; he could drive, i had a permit, and we were doing everything! We hung out till midnight watching movies. Going to parties and raving. Forcing Dylan to watch anime, though now i think he'll be glad he stuck through it. And now, i sit in my living room, with three hours of sleep, writing this as i watch him packing with Lurin, who was attached to him for the past week. It makes me upset; why couldn't i have done the same?

I barely knew anything about this until a few days ago. He never told me anything, never came to see me directly, and i feel like an envious little bitch for writing this, but i am. I feel like i should have the stronger bond with David, cause i knew him longer and spent more time with him over the years. But it hasn't felt like that. It makes me get teary eyes thinking about it. But now he's gone, Lurin with him, to help unpack when they get to the new house. I hope he's able to come visit, cause i don't think I’d be able to take it knowing he was gone. He's been living across the street from me in plain view for 12 years, and now it's all over. I feel like crying now, but i'm going to suck it up; I’ll save my tears for when i read the note. Why did this whole ordeal have to be so....emotional and overdone? He's moving, just like others do. So why is it hurting me so badly inside?

I’m glad to say this part of my life is over. He assured me later on that i was his best friend and he would always want to have me around in his life. He told me he trust me with his life and that I would be the one he would run to if he needed help. To tell you the truth, he did a few months later, when Lurin told him she fell in love with someone who liked her more and she liked more. He was hurt. A LOT. and I was there for him. Finally, I could protect him like i've always wanted.

We still see each other often, and we even went on a “date” for homecoming, because his principal said he couldn’t come to mine because of the music my school plays and because I’m a girl. Long story that I’ll write another day.

To finish off, Ignorance is bliss. But when life hits you in the face, you have to remember that you have to be aware that things change over time, and some things are unavoidable.

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