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Singles-Awareness Day
By: Dani Cojo

    •Topic: Write about Valentines Day without using Valentines Day, Cupid, Love, Roses, Flowers, Hearts, February.

Snow gently fell to the ground, covering the soil with a thin layer of white perfection. The crisp, cool air gusted around my feet, seconding up sprays of snow as I trudged through the packed ice. All was silent, except for the creaking and moaning of the tree branches. It was a calm, cold, yet wonderful day.

At least, it was a wonderful day for some. There are people out there in the world who live for this day; this day of happiness and joy. The one day of the year dedicated to you and your beloved. How sweet.
Perhaps a mother and her husband go out for a stroll, or perhaps they go out to a nice dinner. Their children cut out cards from every crumpled piece of construction paper they can find; drawing little images and writing cute saying on the inside with a dull crayon or a marker that’s low on ink.

Maybe, it is a young child; running around their classroom, throwing the tiny perforated cards from the local drug store into hand crafted mailboxes. The joy on that child’s face is as warm as the sun that barely shines in the winter, as they dump out all the cards onto their desk. The front of the cards displaying pictures of SpongeBob, Spiderman, Disney Princesses and more; a whole variety, all saying silly greetings such as “Best Friends Forever” and “Will You Be Mine”.
Perhaps the loving couple is elderly. Maybe they are sitting at home, holding hands and watching old re-runs of movies from the fifties. Grandkids run around the front yard as they peek out the window, remembering the joys of raising their own children. Memories flood their minds and make the day even more special.

This wonderful feeling isn’t secluded to just those who have gotten married and have a family, or to those who don’t know the meaning of being in a relationship. No, those young teen couples who spend every waking minute talking to each other, holding hands, blowing in each others ear, and kissing are included in the mix. There is no being that does not feel and enjoy the wonders of this holiday.

Except the few like me; who don’t have a loved one or a partner to celebrate the occasion with. For us, it is not a day of happiness or joy. No, it is a reminder that we were the unlucky ones, who haven’t felt like the butterflies in their stomach, or had the feeling like they were floating on air. Sadly, we don’t have the privilege to celebrate like they do. We are alone, watching our parents, and our friends with their lovers, while we sit in the shadows, hugging ourselves, wishing we had someone special.

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