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Post  Cojo on Wed Feb 24, 2010 12:49 am

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Too Plain
By: Dani Cojo

They say to write what you know.
But what if what you know
Is just

I mean, it seems like a simple idea.
To write what you know.
You know what happens in great detail.
But if your life is just

What is there to write about.
Im sure that I could write about what I did yesterday
But I know that would just be

I could write about my recent crush
But to others
That would be

I guess my characters would be fine
But if you don't understand
It may come across as…

Now that I think about it
I realize that everything is

Unless you're the one experiencing it
This makes me wonder
What if life isn't

What if we are?

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Post  Journey Lynn on Thu Feb 25, 2010 1:49 am

YAAAAAY First of all I'm excited we have another new member. I thank you very much for helping our writing community to grow by being brave and posting some of your work for us to read!

I like this very much. It's straightforward, clean cut; it's not trying to be something it's not, which I feel happens sometimes with poetry because we expect poetry to be so flowery and abstract that we forget that the point is still to SAY something. Anyway. Too Plain, in this case, is just right. Wink
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