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Day of the Reaper
-Based on a True Story-
By: Dani Cojo

Each Year
His day comes
You cant stop it
You cant avoid it
Each year
We mourn
And celebrate
And acknowledge our loss
45 people die
One death every 32 minutes.
They die from ignorance
And poor judgment
Lives are Lost
How many notice?
On this day
Everything is normal
No one thinks anything will happen
But in the entire world
One person dies every 32 minutes
And soon
It will happen to someone you know
Someone close to you
On this day
No one expects him to come
One by one
Crosses appear
On the cheeks of the unfortunate
Bright clothes turn to black
Smiles fade
Tears fall from dead eyes
Trickling down their cold faces
Like rain from the dark sky
They walk among us
Not speaking
Not moving
They do nothing was we walk by
We are unaware
We don't take notice
Why should we
Everyday people die
It's life
But 45 lives could be saved
Those few don't have to die
They could live
But they don't
Because of peer pressure
Because of ignorance
Because they think its cool
Sweet liquor and sour alcohol blur their minds from reality
All inhibitions fade
Every year
45 people die from drunk driving
We mourn
We celebrate
We acknowledge their loss
On the day of the reaper.

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