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Broken Life
Chapter 4

When I opened my eyes in the early morning April was leaning over me. I screamed for a moment slightly confused, until I remembered that I was still laying in the living room. April moved her hands from her ears, “And they all said I was loud.” She laughed as the others all ran into the living room to see what was going on.

I pulled my blanket up around my even more. “Sorry guys, I just startled Tori.” April said with a smile. Alex and Jaden sighed and Clay just laughed. But Pheobe looked rather annoyed and stalked off down the hall from where she came.

Alex walked into the kitchen and started pulling stuff out to make breakfast. Jaden sat at the table and Clay joined April on the couch as I stood with my blanket wrapped around me and went to our room to change out of that chemise, I wasn’t comfortable being around everyone with only that on.

Once in a pair of sweats and a shirt I rejoined the others, sitting on the couch. “So what is everyone doing today?” I asked. “Well Jaden and I have practice again at noon.” Alex replied as he threw some eggs in a pan. “April and I will be picking up everyone’s schedules; you’re welcome to join us.” Clay shrugged with a light smile. “Sure I have nothing better to do today, other than read my classics.” I said looking back at Jaden who was shaking his head and laughing lightly.

Around 10 Pheobe left the dorm, after kissing Alex goodbye of course. April said she had some spa appointment. Everyone else kind of just sat wound watching Alex and Clay play Left for Dead on the Xbox 360°. As it neared noon everyone started gathering their things to leave.

April had me change out of my sweats in to a pair of jeans and pull my hair back into a loose ponytail. Jaden and Alex took their bags and headed off to football practice leaving me, Clay and April in the dorm to pick up the schedules.

April and Clay were sitting in the living room talking while I went to grab my coat from our room before we left the dorm. Walking down the halls of the dorm building, April and I had our arms linked. “So Tori, what was it like living in San Diego? Clay asked as he held the door open for April and I to walk through.

I thought it over for a moment, becoming slightly saddened by the memories of my past with Robert and Cameron, and the way my life seemed to be broken because of them. “It was nothing special. I spent most of my time at home, usually reading. At school a lot of people referred to me as, the football star, Alex Michaels’ little sister, but I never had many friends. The one I thought I had, I caught with my ex just before moving here.” I said looking at the ground as I walked, watching to make sure I didn’t trip and bring April down with me.

“Well then I can understand why you weren’t too happy about me asking if you were Alex’s little sister.” April said with a small giggle as we walked into the office. There was a small line for the schedules, and most of the people in line were freshmen.

There was a guy in front of us who was about 5’ 10” in height and had this really bright auburn hair. When we entered the office he had turned to look at us and his grey-blue gaze swept over us before settling on me, a small smile forming on his lips.

I shifted my gaze to the floor as I became slightly uncomfortable from his staring. “Hey, I’m Tristan. Welcome to San Diego State.” He said as he held his hand out for me to shake. When I didn’t raise my gaze or my hand to meet his, April took the liberty of introducing us. “I’m April, this is Tori, and that’s Clay.” She said as she pointed to each of us.

They let their hands fall back to their sides. April was watching me from the corner of her gaze, so I finally looked up from the ground. “Well it’s nice to meet you, all; maybe we’ll have a few classes together. I’m looking forward to seeing you around campus Tori.” He said before turning back around as it was now his turn to get his schedule. We got our schedules as well as the others and returned to the dorm, and sat around watching movies until the others got home.

A little after 5 I decided to make dinner for everyone. Pheobe had arrived home around 4:30 and went to her room. I pulled out some beef from the fridge and decided to make stir fry with some of the frozen veggies. Alex and Jaden walked in at about 5:30, just as I finished with dinner.

“God if our team doesn’t start following directions we won’t even be able to make it to playoffs.” He complained as he opened the front door. “They play well, and the new kid he’s one of our best players. But I just don’t understand why everyone felt like not listening today, or running the plays we needed them too.” Jaden commented as he sat down on the couch with Clay and April.

Alex just sighed as he walked into the kitchen, grabbed a Pepsi from the fridge and turned to walk out. I was still standing by the stove, so used to no one really paying much attention to me that it really didn’t faze me that he hadn’t noticed that I had made dinner, until he stopped standing right next to me.

“Wow Tori, I didn’t expect you to cook for us.” He said gaining the attention of the others. “Well I’m just used to having to cook Robert’s dinner every day, and I figured you and Jaden would be too tired to want to go out.” I told him as I shrugged it off like it was nothing, because that is just what it was nothing.

Everyone grabbed a plate, even Pheobe which I have to admit kind of surprised me. We all talked about our schedules, comparing them to see if anyone had any classes together. April and I have the same English, while Jaden, Clay, and I have math together. They were a little surprised to see that I was that high in math. And my last class was dance which I share with April, and Pheobe, and I’m sure she wasn’t too happy about that. The guys have football practice at that time and Clay has a free period. He said that in the spring it would be filled with baseball practice.

After dinner we all watched The Last House on the Left, before getting ready for bed. In the morning April woke me up really early to get ready for school. She dressed me in the outfit she had bought at the mall, curled my already wavy hair, and applied some make up to my face.

It made me a little uncomfortable to be this dressed up, but she insisted and I didn’t want to be rude. We left our room and went into the main room. Pheobe was at the table eating what looked like cereal, Clay and Alex we watching some cartoon show, and Jaden was leaning against the counter.

Everyone looked up as we entered the room. I blushed a little as I gained everyone’s attention. Alex laughed, “I see April has gotten a hold of you Tori.” Clay just shook his head along with Pheobe. “Well I think she looks cute.” April said trying to defend her work. Jaden nodded his head in agreement.

“Yes, but do you know that Tori is extremely clumsy, and is likely to trip at least twice throughout the morning?” Alex asked her raising one of his eyebrows. April turned to look at me, while I just looked down at my hands. “I didn’t want to seem rude.” I said softly. April just shook her head and turned back to the others. “Well we should head off to class before we’re late.” And with that everyone grabbed their bags and left the dorm.
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